Dive for fun, learn about your environment and safety.

How am I ?

I'm at first a diver with standard CMAS training

I studyed Biology at ULB and specialysed in marine biology

With BIOMAR Lab I research about heavy metal shore contamination with "Asterias Rubens" starfish as bioindicator.

I Actually Diving only for fun with the club S.A.R.A. (Sub Aqua Redange-sur-Attert) in Luxemburg

With the help of our CMAS 3* Instructor/Course Director I've managed to train for CMAS 2* Instructor/Master Instructor and actually had lots of fun at it :)

This site is still under construction so excuse me ...

but soon it'll be more usefull and interesting but for now if you want to know more just contact me by email

how to contact me ?

Send me an email at info@biodiving.eu